Flourish Guy

Flourish guy working  in  progress... 

Start to sphere as a Dyna mesh

this is xpose for view the subtools

And here it is, for now, I hope to have enough time for complete it, It still in dyna mesh process... 

after dyna meshing, I use zremesher to get a clean topology. (actually use the quick default).

so it's time to texture it, I use the polypaint. you almost can see whole the process.

all texturing process is hand painting until to this part, so I use some map for a project the colors to achieving more pixel detail, you can find these maps into cgtexture.com.

you can see more detail in texture.

just quick BPR render into zbrush.

after that, I use the keyshot to get another render.

there it is. of course, I use the photoshop for a final touch, but It's not completely done yet, I think I gave him some pose to get more action into my image. and maybe add some another object into the ground, I hope to have enough time for it.
welcome to c&c.