Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45

Hi people 
we started a new game project, and i wanna show u some 
working progress .-hope enjoy-
started with Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45, this vehicle was very useful at the iran - iraq war,(actually it's our subject in that game).
so i begin the model....
here's some reference i collected.

i prefer expanding my object to 8 element.

ok, the model is done with 10,309 polys, in the next section i'll show u how i make the UVs.

i'll show you all my uv's at 2 scene.


info: Diffuse,Specular,NormalMap 2048x2048 tiff format

________________________________________________________________RENDERactually i prefer to use 'marmoset toolbag', but i haven't for now. indeed it can't support multi objects....!
anyway it's nitrous 3dsmax view ports..... 

camera cycle:
________________________________________________________________INTERIORhere's some i forgot about the interior.